Media Appearance – The National Post

MontrealHealthyGirl is in the news again, this time for making absurd claims regarding the causes of autism.

‘“She has no expectation of accountability, and it’s true,” said Dr. Clay Travis Jones, a paediatrician at Newton-Wellesley Hospital outside Boston. “She will never watch a child with measles encephalitis suffer and die.”’

With quotes by Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Dr. Clay Jones, and me. Story by Sharon Kirkey.

Montreal YouTuber’s ‘completely insane’ anti-vaxx videos have scientists outraged, but Google won’t remove them

One comment

  1. In the above article it states that Google will not take Auerbach’s video down because it does not violate its policies. Earlier today Youtube removed Neo-Nazi videos from its platform citing that the videos are in direct contradiction to proven facts. Perhaps Google should pull its head out of the sand and do the same when someone places a video on their platform that contradicts proven science fact. The unfortunate reality is, people now get a majority of their daily information from social media and when someone has posted an opinion on a site that, in the publics eye has a good reputation they take them at their word based solely on this.

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