Event – Toronto Panel to Be Live Stream Instead

The live podcast recording for The Eco Well featuring Jen Novakovich, Ryan Armstrong, Sam Yammine and myself will no longer be happening physically in Toronto (for reasons you can figure out unless you haven’t followed the news this month… like… at all).

Instead, we will be doing a live stream over the Interwebs and you can register (for free!) to get the link to the stream by going to: https://www.universe.com/events/consider-the-following-critical-thinking-in-the-misinformation-age-tickets-L5NDZC#3A66E5&buttonText=Get%20Tickets

You will be asked if you want to donate money. Given the fact that Jen had to book a venue for this event and that it’s unclear whether or not this expense can be reimbursed because of COVID, feel free to throw a few dineros her way. She has worked hard to organize this! Thanks!

If you have specific questions about the event, you can contact Jen here: info@theecowell.com

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