Media Appearance – CTV Montreal News

I was back on the air to talk about antibody testing and spraying streets with bleach and to answer a myriad of other questions about the coronavirus.


  1. Just saw Jonathan on CTV.
    The information appears slanted as example:
    The distance of droplets in air transfer when joggers are exhaling .. i suggest that there are significant concerns and
    to reassure the public with fact that is not accurate is potentially harmful.
    Disinformation from those with a bit too much enthusiasm and self appointed self assurance
    In the evolving science must be discouraged.
    Better to be in the side of science and prevention not adhering to quick dismissal of danger and happy talk!
    We know all too well how the information from policy public health officials has been
    a failure from the onset!
    Caution ! We are flying this plane as we repair the wing!
    China’s second wave should be a lesson for Quebec !
    Please try to be fact based!

    Stella Haley

  2. Not a very flattering portrait of runners, admittedly. But new research from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands and KU Leuven in Belgium suggests that the reader may have a point: when you’re breathing hard and moving fast, droplets linger in the air over a longer distance, meaning that anyone directly behind you should leave a generous gap.

    The research team was led by Bert Blocken, who is cross-appointed at both universities and studies urban physics, wind engineering, and sports aerodynamics. He and his colleagues used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to model the movement of droplets of various size, building on earlier work by researchers in Asia after the SARS epidemic.

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