Event – QED 2018

The best skeptical convention is back, as the organizers of QED (Question – Explore – Discover) will be “rerunning” the videos that were captured during the last event in 2018 this upcoming weekend. Videos from these talks, panel discussions, and podcast recordings have never been made publicly available, and will be streaming live throughout the weekend on Twitch. We will also be able to chat with each other during the event via keyboard.

The two panels I was a part of will be airing this weekend:

#NoFilter: Scrutinising Social Media Skepticism

SITP Publishers like Natural News spew pseudoscience to their millions of followers, while posts pointing out the flaws in their arguments get a fraction of the attention. How can we push back effectively against promoters of bad ideas—both outside and inside the skeptical movement? Featuring Jonathan JarryEli BosnickPixie Turner, and chair Michael Marshall.

Saturday, November 14, 10:00AM ET (3:00PM London Time)

Skepticism Under the Microscope

SITP As the world of pseudoscience has evolved, skepticism has had to adapt to keep pace. Our panel asks: is the current skeptical movement fit for purpose? As we look to tackle the pseudoscience of our day, what are we doing right, and what are we doing wrong? Featuring Jonathan JarryClaire KlingenbergEli Bosnick, and chair Michael Marshall.

Sunday, November 15, 5:00AM ET (10:00AM London Time)

Details can be found on the QED website: https://qedcon.org/

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