Podcast: Interview – René Dreifuss on Evidence-Based Martial Arts

Chris and Jonathan speak to coach René Dreifuss, the founder of Radical MMA in New York City and the co-host of the Martial Culture podcast, which has been described as “NPR for mixed martial arts nerds.” Medicine has had to wrestle with figuring out what works and what doesn’t over the years; so have the martial arts. From claims of manipulating your opponent’s qi in a fight to no-holds-barred Krav Maga self-defence, there are things that work in real life and things that really don’t. There are parallels to be drawn with the mystical alternative healings in wellness communities and with cult-like mentalities that move us away from evidence and into the predatory arms of eminence. René also addresses the physical risks and unhealthy side of martial arts, namely weight cutting and brain trauma.


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